Family-owned and operated since 1969.
1309 Wilmot St. Suite B, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


Q. When do you start leasing?
A. Whenever possible, based on local zoning ordinance.

Q. Do you offer eight month leases?
A. No, only year leases.

Q. Who pays for utilities?
A. It depends on the house and unit. See property listings.

Q. Is parking included?
A. Nearly all units come with at least one parking space.

Q. Do you lease parking spaces?
A. Yes, a few. Email to inquire.

Q. When is monthly rent due?
A. Upon lease-start or move-in; whichever is first. After that, the 20th of every month for the following month. Ex.: August’s
rent is due July 20th.

Q. Can rent be paid in advance?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you allow subletting?
A. Yes, we are required to, as are all landlords in the city of Ann Arbor. Tenants must obtain our written consent on a
sublease agreement first, though.

Q. Do you allow pets?
A. Sorry, we do not.